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King Louis Strain is a fast-hitting Sativa-strong weed strain best known for its fruity blueberry flavor with small hints of earthy and vanilla. Due to its mellow, well-balanced cerebral and physical high that leaves you motivated, focused, and pain-free. Buy King Louis Strain.

This famously chills weed strain is 60 percent Sativa and 40 percent indica, and packs a pretty high level of THC that ranges between 18 to 26 percent on average. Its above-average THC level allows it to produce perfectly stimulating cerebral head high that leaves you happy and energized.  Buy King Louis Strain.

In addition to its high THC level, King Louis weed strain also packs a fairly high level of CBD that ranges between 1 to 2 percent. This sizable amount of CBD allows the daytime delight to produce a moderately heavy physical high that’s not too overwhelming, making it perfect for novices.

Effects of King Louis Strain

Fans love this strain for its uplifting cerebral head high as well as the full-body physical high it provides. Its perfect combination of sativa-heavy and indica-leaning effects makes King Louis Strain the go-to marijuana strain for both medicinal cannabis users and recreational smokers. Unlike most sativas, King Louis induces a calm form of euphoric head high and a gentle mental invigoration making it ideal for new marijuana users.

Its energizing properties put you in a great mood, encourage creativity and an overall feeling of inspiration, making King Louis weed the perfect pot strain for brainstorming activities, particularly for people who work in the innovative space and are looking for a dose of inspiration.

Thanks to its ability to relax your whole body without the infamous couch-lock or ‘heavy feeling’ effect associated with most cannabis strains, King Louis weed strain is perfect for when you want to make social interactions more fun. It creates a potent combination of warm, uplifting, and mood-altering effects that leave you happy, giggly, and talkative.

Appearance, Fragrance, and Flavors

King Louis Strain has slender-fingered leaves with about thirteen leaflets. Its nugs are very dense, popcorn-shaped, and neon green in color with blue and amber hairs covered with a thick layer of icy resinous trichomes. Due to its Blueberry genetics, this hybrid strain has a tantalizing and delicious fruity taste with sweet, blueberry, and vanilla undertones.

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