Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis flower can be consumed through vaporization( i.e., via a bong or pipe) or inhalation( i.e., smoking a blunt or joint). numerous people use this form of marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use. Cannabis Flowers

Weed flowers are generally greenlittle, and grow in bunches known as “ clusters. ” A cannabis flower’s deconstruction also has five main factors

  • Trichomes: hairlike growths that appear on cannabis buds
  • Bracts: the reproductive parts of a female cannabis plant
  • Calyx: a series of small leaves that coil at the flower’s stem
  • Leaflets: leaflike parts of a flower that are also called “sugar leaves”
  • Stigma (or Pistil): a structure covered in resin that captures pollen for the fertilization process

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